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After over 30 years in financial services serving institutions, Kerrie Lloyd became a Chartered Special Needs Consultant ( ChSNC®) serving individuals with special needs and the institutions who serve them. Her career in financial services also lead Ms. Lloyd to financial wellness tools and digital applications at a time when the financial services industry was giving birth to a new industry called FinTech. As a result of the disruption technology companies were causing financial firms, Ms. Lloyd's daily activities transformed into a digitized environment. Along side of this, she was raising Adam, who is deaf with autism.  And then COVID19 hit, bringing us even further into a digital world.

Connecting the dots between work and home, Ms. Lloyd focused Integrative Solution Services LLC (ISS) on two things: Bringing individuals with disabilities together with resources that will improve their quality of life through  collaboration.  In addition, Kerrie is passionate about discovering tools that would bring families and their treatment teams into a digital environment.  In line with that goal,  Ms. Lloyd's 5 star eBook title, Planning the Future for a Special Needs Child, is available on Amazon.

With an education in finance, psychology, and natural health, Ms. Lloyd is an author and a Chartered Special Needs Consultant (ChSNC®), She is also a doctor of natural health (NhD) and she is certified in ABA based Pivotal Response Treatment (PRTL1) through UC Santa Barbara. 

At Integrative Solution Services, we are focused on integrative solutions with the highest degree of effectivenes. Look around our website and please feel free to contact us.  

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Achieving New Heights

Our mission is to bring the best tools available to a community of people, and institutions, who are in need of transformation. 

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