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Our Story

We love every minute of our journey 

CollaborApp®   An Idea is Born

Upon arrival home from a business trip, Ms. Lloyd, the founder of CollaborApp® , was up until 3:00 a.m. to gather documents to share with her treatment team overnight. Before resting to get a couple of hours of sleep before work the next day, she said to herself "there must be an app for this". Upon waking the CollaborApp® name came to her mind and her idea for an app was born.

CollaborApp® allows an implementation team, and caregivers, to share valuable information for an individual with disabilities in a secure electronic format. As providers and caregivers implement an individual’s “treatment plan”, daily collaboration for consistency across environments is an entitlement that needs to be addressed. Individuals with special needs are entitled to reasonable and fair treatment based on their “individual needs” and this requires the team to effectively collaborate across environments with multiple people and professionals on behalf of individuals who are not able to help themselves and who are often nonverbal.

CollaborApp® was the first mobile application specifically designed for special needs consumers to address the need for collaboration across environments in a real time environment. Unlike traditional paper based modality implementation, team members utilized the app to gain access to one source of truth with regard to the status of a consumer they are implementing a treatment plan for. The tool is real time and inclusive for all members who accept an invitation to participate. A mobile device or the Internet can access the tool. Secure access encryption layers are utilized for all users in response to privacy and data security requirements. 

The app made it possible for service providers and caregivers to gain real time information regarding a consumer with disabilities in a secure environment, regardless of their location or time zone. The tool was initially developed for treatment plan implementation and collaboration. In case of emergency, it was also a means by which an individual can be located and and the team could be notified simultaneously with regard to the status of a disabled consumer.  

The tool was free for Apple or Android devices such that  therapists, family members, caregivers, school districts and other service providers could gain access to timely information related to the status of an individual they serve. Instead of relying on multiple people using multiple methods to share information manually, CollaborApp®  provided immediate assess to current information needed to implement care on a 24/7 basis.


The app removed time delays and misinformation that naturally occurs in a chain of communication on behalf of a disabled individual. This improved the effectiveness of a treatment plan while also reducing stress for all users of the tool for better outcomes. 

Individuals who wished to access CollaborApp® can simply download it and set up a profile. Once the secure profile was created, they joined the treatment team gaining access to notifications, documentation, and calendar access.  This enabled the treatment team to share information, check in before a shift, or respond to an emergency or inquiry.   For more information, see our go live press release and the user guide links below and to the right. 

Thousands of Happy Customers

The goal of CollaborApp® was to establish a following large enough to have an impact on the worldwide community of disabled people. "The tool will give Adam a voice in his treatment plan and I hope it does the same for other beautiful souls like him." Kerrie Lloyd, Founder and CEO, CollaborApp®.

In October of 2021, Ms. Lloyd provided her baseline solution and resources to a financial advisor for the development of a white label solution for fiduciaries serving the special needs community.  The Fiduciary Client App will be offered by that advisor for their clients only.  Integrative Solution Services, LLC still owns the rights to CollaborApp® and reserves the right to release Coll​aborApp® in the future with enhancements for families, households, treatment teams, consumers, and the institutions who serve them as intended.   

God bless all of us who are with me on this incredible journey.

Why Us?

As a parent of a deaf-autistic child, Ms. Lloyd identified evidence based special needs protocols that she wanted to share with the special needs community. She also learned that collaboration for "fidelity of implementation"  is an entitlement for her son, Adam.  As a result, she felt compelled to help families, like hers, find a way to create an effective treatment plan and share information across environments for the treatment team to utilize that would reduce stress on the family while saving time and resources. As a result, her LLC was founded in 2013 and CollaborApp® followed. 

Given his dual diagnosis, Ms. Lloyd believes “it is a miracle first that Adam is communicating, not to mention talking using vocal approximations”. Collaboration with a team of evidence-based professionals was a necessary ingredient of Adam’s success. Adam’s story is the basis of the foundation for Kerrie’s vision for CollaborApp®.

Ms. Lloyd has been a fiduciary based sales and marketing for 30 (+) years. As part of that, Ms. Lloyd earned certifications including solutions for data management and software applications for institutional investors. Connecting the dots in her personal life, Ms. Lloyd decided to put this knowledge to work to help Adam and his community discover a digital way of sharing real time information electronically, rather than having to resort to paper or other means to attempt to facilitate communication with a treatment team throughout the day.

In addition to her career, Ms. Lloyd has a background in healing and service professions. She received her doctor of natural health in 2003 and then Adam was born in 2004. Two years later, he was diagnosed with Autism. In 2013, Ms. Lloyd founded Integrative Solution Services, LLC to offer special needs families a means to sort through available service alternatives while creating a meaningful treatment plan that promotes growth and healing for the entire family. During National Disabilities Month in October of 2019, Integrative Solution Services LLC grew to include CollaborApp® .

Ms. Lloyd is certified in ABA based Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) for Autism treatment protocols through UC Santa Barbara. She continues her study of PRT while implementing modalities for Adam. She has created CollaborApp® as a means by which she can share information that will hopefully serve families and the community of people who are managing care for a disabled individual.

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