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Collaboration Solutions

Find your path to solutions that will produce results through effective implementation of an individually centered treatment plan for people with disabilities and the institutions make informed choices. Our goal is to rationalize modality choices and help a treatment team implement treatment plans for individuals with disabilities in an integrative manner across environments.

Having an understanding with regard to what services and accommodations are appropriate is the key to securing solutions that work. Each diagnosis is individual and each community has different possibilities for implementation of each individual's treatment and educational plans. Resources are available to maximize the potential for individuals with disabilities and we are here to help families understand what they are entitled to, as considered appropriate, as well as what they might consider to supplement any baseline plan that is considered.

Digital Solutions

Creating a positive ripple effect through digitization is possible in today's environment. Institutions can benefit from a digital environment by securing data management tools and a governance tools that will help them effectively manage client relationships while reducing cost and operating risk. Treatment teams can benefit from digitization as a result of reducing miscommunication and errors while gaining access to information regarding cases, and employees, in a 24/7 real time environment.  

For people with disabilities, digitization and collaboration can start a positive chain of reactions affecting multiple touch points of the treatment team and their clients. Clients benefit through appropriate implementation of behavior, speech, occupational, and physical therapy services because they are delivered with collaboration across environments in mind. The institutions who serve consumers with special needs benefit from digitization as a result of transformation to a sustainable business model utilizing tools that were not available until today.  This is an ever changing environment and ISS focuses on staying up to date on the digital tools that are out there supporting the community.

Harmonize the impact of professionals who create ripples across environments. Focus on creating positive change and get connected to specialists that can provide appropriate resources in today's environment. Services can be optimized through collaboration and ISS is committed to the highest standard of care aligning consumers with the present environment keeping them current over time.

Lifestyle Solutions 

Other considerations such as financial wellness, transitional solutions and adult living options must be contemplated as we continue through the life stages of a consumer with special needs. Vocational placement, job coaching, supported employment, adult day services and community integration must be considered. Integrative Solution Services LLC stands ready to help clients implement an effective plan today while also planning for the future by helping clients determine the best mix of services at each stage in their lifecycle.

Lifestyle solutions could be holistic for a balanced approach toward optimal health and overall wellbeing (homeostasis). Natural alternatives such as functional nutrition, special diets, supplements, essential oils, holistic healing, and movement therapies can be considered to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a sense of calm for harmonious living. Individual and group activities can be utilized to maximize the effectiveness of this holistic approach while impacting socialization. ISS will share resources in the community that individuals and their providers can take advantage of as part of an overall holistic treatment plan.


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