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Regional Center of Orange County    Individual centered planning, implementation and Califormia state funding resource options.

State Council of Developmental Disabilities    Information resource for self advocacy to gain insight into entitlements and funding sources.

Coalition for Community Choice (CCC)   National grassroots alliance aiming to improve choices for Adults with Intellectual/developmental disabilities (i.e. responding to HSBC rules established by DDS for those impacted by I/DD).

Autism Society of America   Comprehensive resource database of service providers for a variety of modalities.

Autism Speaks    Advocacy, research and special subjects effecting autism including a family services response team and fundraising events.

To Cure Autism   Treatment protocol, news, events, and biomedical resources.

Certified Behavior Analyst Board   Oversight and certification of Board Certified Behavior Analysts including a directory of BCBA professionals.

Wrightslaw    Special education law and advocacy including parent education and a directory of advocates and legal professionals.

UCI Department of Neurology   Diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disorders and referrals to other specialists.

Kirkman Labs   GF/CF supplements to respond to specific needs and address deficiencies (biomedical implementation).

Achievement Products for Special Needs   PT, OT, speech, educational accommodation, self regulation, and adaptive equipment supplies.

Shane's Inspiration     Accessible playgrounds, inclusive playgrounds as well as community programs that unite children of all abilities.

Shea Center    Multidisciplinary therapeutic horseback riding facility and summer camp.

On line ID for Elopement On line storage of contact and medical information including ID bracelets in case of elopement.

Koegel Autism at Stanford    PRT (a form of ABA) certification, training and services for parents and children of all ages.

UCLA PEERS Clinic   Social Skills and source for Adolescents and Young Adults with Autism who are learning to make friends.

Signing Time    Videos and music teaching ASL to speech delayed kids as a bridge to spoken language.

K&K Sign To Talk   Speech treatment materials including those that use ASL as a bridge to spoken language.

Transportation Safety Supports   E-Z-ON products safety belts and supports during transportation (shown below).

Special Diets for Special Kids   A book and recipes for GF/CF diets (along with substitutions).

Farm to Family Nutritional Resources   Live, Organic, Vegan superfoods with naturopathic support for targeted nutrition (see my blog).

Essential Oils and Blends  100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils for targeted solutions (see my blog).

Supplies and Glass Containers   Supplies for DIY projects (PROMO Code: AFR959 for a first time discount and to set up rewards)

Healing Frequency Music   The Healing Frequency of Music Project by Michael Tyrrell (7 CD set).

Home Cures that Work   Barton Publishing on natural alternatives to treat specific issues (GERD, diabetes, brain health, etc.).

Acid Reflux Video   Natural protocol video for GERD and Digestive Issues (inexpensive healing kit offer at the end).

Planning  Transition and financial planning resources from a not-for-profit organization.

Financial Wellness   National Disabilities Institute resources discussing financial wellness programs for people with disabilities.

Healy   Healing Frequencies for Life-Health-Balance.

Parent to Parent  Support, advocacy, mentoring, education, resources for Northern California special needs child.

Find a CA Licensed Fiduciary  California Professional Fiduciaries for family special needs succession planning.

Terms of Use   Updated terms of use.

Privacy Policy   Updated privacy policy.

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